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Student in guitar lesson.

Highland Park Guitar Lessons, built itself on the neighborhoods of Dallas, TX. Traveling from home to home, doing the best possible at providing inspiring and fulfilling guitar lessons for years that served the greater area of University Park and nearby areas, such as Highland Park tx, Dallas tx, Plano tx, and Richardson.

Kids have an amazing way of inspiring you, they help me to remember why I first was so drawn to music and the drive it gave me as a teacher. 

At Highland Park Guitar Lessons, I believe in my experience and distinct ability to help children become not only excellent guitarists but, hopefully, drive them to take the instrument further and learn the value of self-investment. My primary goal is for you to enjoy the guitar as much as I do teaching you. I pride myself on my business providing you trustworthy professional children’s guitar lessons.

Focused, disciplined guitar lessons lead to the best results, and are an excellent way for someone to learn the value of learning and self-investment. If they have the drive and passion, I will make them better guitarists.

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Student in detailed guitar lesson.

Adam is an awesome instructor.  He is extremely responsive, punctual, and knowledgeable. My children look forward to their weekly lesson and learn a lot very quickly.  He's an amazing teacher and the kids and can relate to the kids very well. He's the best!

Steve G. 
Dallas Tx.

Whether you’re looking to shred like Yngwie, pick a tele like Vince Gill, jam like Jerry Garcia, or a little bit of it all, Adam is your guy! His style and enthusiasm keep my 7 year old excited to learn, and his knowledge and skill are deep and broad enough to teach this old dog some new tricks.

If you want to learn to play the guitar, hide Adam. He’s passionate about what he does and a fantastic Guitar teacher! As importantly, though, he’s a good dude you’ll be happy to know!

Nathan Boucher
Highland Park, Dallas, TX

Adam is a very personable and talented instructor. He has been working with my son for the past three years and has allowed him the opportunity to explore all of his musical interests.  He Tailors all of his classes to whatever he wants to explore at the moment.  They have worked on jazz pieces, classic rock, alternative music, and music theory.

Susana G.
Dallas, TX DFW


Adam is THE BEST! My 9-year old has been taking lessons from him for the last couple of years and LOVES playing. I truly believe that's because of her guitar teacher! She's excelling in music, has learned a ton and gets to choose her own songs to learn (which is huge in the amount of time she spends practicing :) Most of all, he's super patient and REALLY GREAT teaching kids. Simply the best!

Beth D.
Dallas, TX

dallas texas

Adam has been teaching my twin boys, who both have special needs, for about 4 years.  We have had several different teachers since they showed interest in guitar, and Adam is by far the best guitar teacher they have had.  He keeps them interested and I rarely have to remind them to practice.  As a former music teacher myself, I am very picky about who teaches my boys, and I'm very pleased with how they have grown musically with Adam.

Sheila Elliot
Dallas, TX DFW


Fantastic teacher who has been working with my daughter for 3 years. I highly recommend for all ages and all experience levels.

Dan Stuart
Dallas, TX


Great guitar teacher! Besides helping my daughter learn. Adam has encouraged and collaborated with her on her first song!

Regina M.

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