STRICTLY ENFORCED POLICIES (Choosing to do lessons with Us, requires you take responsibility.)
Billing Information:

I bill on the 1st of the month for the lessons of that month (no later than the 3rd). Lessons you cannot attend will be credited towards the next month as long as you give us 24 hr notice. Lessons not paid by 3rd of the month are charged a $50 late fee. We do not refund unattended lessons. Holidays that are work paid holidays adhere to us, just as they do to your job. Lesson credits are approved by us and are not guaranteed for every situation. 

• Lessons done in package deals detailing either bi-weekly or weekly lessons as specified are to be held to those guidelines. Constant skipping will result in the lessons being counted towards the amount originally purchased. Lessons are billed as the package pricing listed, whether all the lessons are completed each month or not. If we are unable to perform a lesson due to unforeseen events such as power outage, sickness or bad weather, then we will credit the lesson.

• Lesson Rescheduling Policy: Reschedules are done on my available time, otherwise they will be counted as cancels. Rescheduling will be allotted to 1 allowed reschedule per tuition period. 

• Discontinue lessons: 30 Day WRITTEN notice via email

( is REQUIRED for any lessons that are done as packaged deals. We are asking this because I teach full time and rely on my teaching hours. If notice is not given the following tuition period will need to be paid for . The last months tuition can be handled as a deposit as well. Ife are ending lessons this must be done between the 1-3rd of the month prior to the one ending, for example you would provide notice between October 1-3rd if you are not doing lessons in November.. 

• Lessons at the school/online: Students are expected to show up (5) minutes before their assigned lesson time prepared with appropriate books, writing utensils, and any other items assigned by the teacher. 

• Summer Lessons: 6 Lessons are required to continue lessons.. SIX (6) Summer Lessons are mandatory, however summer lessons are flexible.

• Bad weather days are done as make-ups on another scheduled day or if necessary a Saturday will be used for make-ups.


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