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Playing Guitar



A large contributing factor in Highland Park Guitar Lessons success is its extremely focused attention on the development of its students. We create thorough goal plans to achieve not only what the student is looking to achieve but to inspire them further and provide them with the tools and information they will inevitably need. Such tools we provide in our Guitar classes to our students are as such.

  • Personalized Lesson Videos on exactly what and how materials should be practiced​

  • Focused planning and goal mapping to build towards a students goals

  • Strategic approaches to technique, accuracy, speed, rhythm, theory, sight reading, arranging and composition.

  • Guitar Lessons are specifically crafted for the individual based on their best learning method for them and their individual goals.

  • Focus on developing student performance videos is highly encouraged.

I always knew that I wanted to become a professional Guitar Instructor. In fact, I can’t imagine anything else in life that would bring me such reward or satisfaction.


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