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Electric Guitar Vs. Acoustic Guitar

When it comes to picking between an electric and an acoustic guitar, there’s no real winner. The best choice is the one that particularly suits you. But before you know which guitar will be the perfect fit for you, you should know the key differences between the two types of instruments.

They’re Both Meant for Separate Music Types

Do you see yourself mastering one of Hendrix’s timeless blues rock tunes or playing an acoustic cover of Vance Joy’s famous Riptide? It all comes down to what type of music style inspires you. If you’re more into rock, blues, or bluegrass genres, an electric guitar will suit you well. On the other hand, an acoustic is great for country or folk styles. But that doesn’t mean you can’t jam out to a classic rock song on an acoustic or play country music on an electric. Certain genres just fit better on both guitars.

Choose Electric First

With an electric guitar, you are able to more comfortably practice and make more constistant progress. It is vital to learn the correct touch when learning the instrument and the acoustic undoubtedly forces one to use more pressure than necessary when fretting which can hinder playing extensively. With a electric, one can more finely tune the setup of the instrument to the players hands, than on a acoustic and that can mean cutting down years of practice time.

Which Guitar Is Calling You?

Of course, there are many other aspects that can also help you choose which guitar suits you the most. For example, electric guitars have volume control and different sound effects while acoustics don’t, and acoustic guitars are a lot easier to carry around and travel with.

Whichever instrument you select for yourself, you’ll have to start exploring guitar lessons Dallas. Simply go online and search for guitar lessons near me and opt for lessons for your specific instrument. There are also separate kinds of guitar lessons for adults and children. If you’re an adult just starting out on your music journey, explore adult guitar lessons in the area.

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